Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Things are going to the dogs!!!

In Warm Springs Bay, Jen and I caretake at Baranof Wilderness Lodge, which is about half a mile from the head of the bay.  There at the head is a great waterfall, the public dock, and about a dozen cabins.  We call that area "town" and it was once a town that went by the name of "Baranof".  There are caretakers at the townsite every winter.  This year, we really enjoyed spending time with Robert and Leigh, and Robert's four dogs, Mika, Max, Maya, and Kenai.

What a day for a paddle!

Leigh prefers her own private vessel.

Here come the neighbors--that's Robert with the paddle!

There goes the neighborhood!

These dogs don't only paddle--they know how to sail!

Why are we all standing in the same spot--testing the ice?

Slip, sliding away on Baranof Lake.

Max is half tongue!

Robert's daughter Laura brought the dogs over to guard our "village white".

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