Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!

Have you ever wanted to have a birthday dinner and invite everybody from miles around to join you?  Well, we do that every year we're here at the lodge.  That usually means a total of 3 or 4 people including Jen and me.  This year we really expanded our horizons as Andy, Leoni, and Christine from the Alaska Whale Foundation were in the bay to join us and the "town" caretakers Robert and Leigh.  I almost ran out of fingers to count the people celebrating!!!!

This party went to the dogs really fast!  Note that Robert thinks he can hide behind a party favor.  When Andy blew his party favor, it knocked out half the candles that took 5 minutes to light!

The best part of dinner.......

Alaska Whale Foundation swag makes a tasteful birthday gift! ( I thought Robert was going to give me his box of wine, but it went missing about the time he left.)

Of course, we had some fun chores to do on my birthday.  A nice dry day is helpful when trying to stay on a steep roof while wrestling large heavy pieces of chimney!

Feral supervises while I clean things out.

Did I mention it was a nice day?

Perfect for pressure washing the hull of the skiff.
Jen worked on replacing burned out bulbs on our boardwalk lights.

She was very proud of the portable work shelf she invented!

Feral checks all boxes for mice.

"All Clear!"

Time to take a break....

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