Wednesday, April 26, 2017

River Otter Spring Break

We do have lots of river otters living in the bay.  We see them almost daily, swimming in front of the lodge, diving for fish, sliding in the snow, or frolicking on the dock.  They always seem to be having a good time, but I wouldn't want to run into one on a dark rainy night on the boardwalk!

The otters spend a lot of time on the dock or on the floats under the decking.

That nice rough wood makes a good back scratcher!

"Who's there?"

"Are you still there on our dock?"

"What fish?"

"I'm not eating a fish!"

"I'm not eating this fish either!"

Otter Log Rolling
"This should be easy!"


Overcompensation is to be avoided....

...or you will fall off!

To the amusement of the onshore audience!

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