Thursday, May 2, 2013

Overwhelmed with Hummingbirds!

 Every spring, we wait for the arrival of our Rufus Hummingbirds.  These birds migrate all the way from Mexico and Florida.  We have more Rufus Hummingbirds working the feeders on the deck this year than we have ever had before! 
We saw our first hummingbird on April 4.  He buzzed the window where the feeder usually is, so we dropped everything and made up some food and put the feeder out as soon as we could!
The males have brilliant color, especially around their neck and throat.
 We did have several snowfalls in April and sometimes had to clear the snow off the feeder so the birds could feed.  We finally made up a snow shield to keep the snow off the feeder "blossoms".
The Christmas tree on the deck turned into the perfect hummingbird perch.

Feeding on a snowy morning.
We had some incredible swarms of hummingbirds come to the feeders.
Topping up before bed time!

We even had some other birds try a little sugar water!

There was always an audience for the hummingbird show!


We have been filling both feeders twice a day--we had to have more sugar sent from Sitka on a floatplane before we ran out!  Harris Air was very accommodating!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Heading Back to Civilization!

It's May 1 and Jen, Feral and I are getting ready to head back to Sitka!  Sailboat Bob will be arriving in a few days to load Jen, Feral, and all of our s*** (stuf) for the 10-12 hour sail around Baranof Island.  I'll fly home a few days later after finishing up here at the lodge.  Here are some randomly uploaded photos from our spring.

Spring means Robins decorating the top of our deck Christmas Tree!

 This picture is of our spring in 2007 when we had 37 feet of snow (Feral for scale).

This is Feral's perch this spring after 14.5 feet of snow--although she's just as cute!

View along beach 2007 (note top of greenhouse behind the flagpole)

View along the beach 2013

Kayaking at low tide

Surf Scoters (aka Poor Man's Puffins)

Great Blue Heron

Moon over Mt. Bahovec

Sea Otter on the dock.

The lodge on a clear spring day.

Our resident Sea Otter, hanging out by Halibut Rock.

Feral exploring after a night of freezing temperature.

I guess I should have turned that sprinkler off....

The Heron with a slimey lunch.

Just another Bald Eagle.

Female Belted Kingfisher.

Kitty Macerena.

Torturing Jen's ear drums!

Chuck and Gretchen on a visit.

Spring snow

Our friend Patricia from Sitka.

Cleaning out the hotspring

Enjoying the clean hotspring!

There's that sprinkler at work again.

Snow Cat....... the rescue.....

Leaps, bounds,

and happy landings!

A box of scrambled eggs.
The morning after a spring snow storm.

Sending Feral out to measure the snow.

Snow Blowing

Nice wet spring snow!

St. Lazaria comes to visit!

Harold, Lizzie, & Kate

Lettuce harvest

Aloha Feral!

Sunflower Stars

Waiting for the Easter Bunny
Low tide at the entrance to the salt chuck--wow!

At high tide, this is a calm entrance to kayak into the salt chuck.

Feral's Portait

Spring morning.
Cleaning the chimney--another fun spring chore!

Dave comes for a visit.

"Got Sour Cream?"

Cat training session