Wednesday, April 26, 2017

More Critters!

Here are some random shots from the bay--mostly of critters.

A beautiful spring day in Warm Springs Bay!

Home Sweet Home (at least for the winter)!

This mink loves Mexican food--especially corn chips!

Checking for predators or competition.

Everybody loves chips!!!

It got too crowded for the red squirrel, so he took off down the boardwalk.

One never knows what they'll find on the food rail!  (including turkey bones)

Haw haw haw, that cat is such a turkey!

Pinpoint landing!

The mink are really going to miss us this summer!

Headed for home with another turkey bone.
Feral Bueller--queen of all she surveys!

Looking at the water is better than being in the water!

Time for a bath.

Did you hear that?

Headed for the front door.

Great Blue Heron in a snowstorm.

Female red breasted merganser

Barrow's goldeneye---'tis a pair!

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