Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Swan Lake (or Swan Bay)

We regularly see Trumpeter Swans stop by the bay in the spring and fall as they're migrating.  They are usually in small groups of two to six.  During a gale this winter, we looked out to see a group of 30 swans in front of the lodge.  As we watched, another group flew overhead, swung back around and landed with them--we counted 62 swans in all!  Because of the storm, it was tough to get good photos, but here are a few.

We don't see Canadian Geese here in the bay that often, but there has been a pair hanging around this spring.  (The mallards are pretty normal to see.)

Some Harlequin ducks also moved in this spring.  They like to hang out on the rocks by Sadie Creek.  Like John Cleese says, "Lovely Plumage"!!! 

What a lovely couple!

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